Case Study – retail network transformation  



 Carphone Warehouse is Europe's largest independent mobile phone retailer, with over 1,700 stores across Europe. It is based in the United Kingdom and is a 50% subsidiary of Best Buy. Outside the UK and Republic of Ireland, the retailer is named Phone House



Carphone Warehouse is committed to providing excellence in customer experience. Due to its rapid success and continuous growth, their retail network quickly became insufficient to support the demands of the business. In order to fulfil its target of providing the best online tools to their store colleagues and customers, a complete network overhaul of the retail estate was required. 



Winovation entered the scene during final contract negotiation with the preferred supplier. The result was immediate reduction in CAPEX and substantial savings in OPEX over the duration of the contract. 


Winovation continued to provide expertise by acting as a liaison between Carphone warehouse and 3rd party suppliers to provide the following services: 


  • Facilitation of  technical design team to align with business requirements 
  • Design / build of a test lab to prove  the migration strategy 
  • Development of an in-house delivery team to manage over 5,000 site visits 
  • Supporting In-house operational teams for handover into a production environment  



Aside from significant cost savings, labour burden on in-house resource was minimized and disruption to trade was inconsequential. Carphone warehouse now enjoys a robust Next Generation, high speed network across the estate that will accommodate their strategic objectives and allow them to maintain their position of leadership in the industry over the next decade.